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Resistance Bands
Resistance Bands
Resistance Bands
Resistance Bands
Resistance Bands
Resistance Bands
Resistance Bands
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Resistance Bands

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MARBLE: Size Small Only - Heavy Resistance
  • Our heaviest band for those with super glutes or those are wishing to take their glute training to the next level.
SOLID: Set of 3 bands - Small/Medium/Large - All heavy resistance.
  • We recommend this set for intermediate to advanced individuals. Beginners are welcome to use these as well for deep glute activation.

ANIMAL PRINT: Set of 3 bands - Small/Medium/Large

  • We recommend this set if you new to using resistance bands or suffer from hip/ or lack knee mobility.
Includes carrying bag
Bands can easily be stacked to increase resistance.

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These make you sweat so much. Bought two pairs.

I had to order a second pair because I love these leggings so much.


So Comfy!!! Must have!!!

These leggings were amazing, i thought they were going to be annoying from the top when I work out but noooo they were so comfy and the material was so amazing!! I recommend to anyone


A Must have!!

I love love these leggings great for working out gives u a good sweat super comfortable! Very very flattering that I’ll even wear them with a sweater dress makes waist look tiny perfect leggings I’m making sure to double up!


Corset Sauna leggings are amazing!

These leggings are the best ever!! I love wearing while working out and the amount in sweat in my midsection is immense! Loving my results!

A. Kapayou